Sunday, November 28, 2010

Moving Day

The other half of the back yard

On the radio this morning there is a panel discussion about euthanasia. Should we decriminalize it, or shouldn't we?
My mind is clear about the subject — I think it should be legal to choose euthanasia for oneself and to help someone who has chosen to die because they do not want to experience extreme physical pain any longer — it's a no-brainer, as far as I'm concerned — but I'm listening anyway because often during discussions of any topic someone puts forth a perspective I have never considered before. Even though it's unlikely my opinion will change, there is always the possibility and I like to leave a space for that. At the very least I might better understand where those who don't agree with me are coming from, rather than assuming they are heartless fools without empathy for the suffering of others. You know, the kind who think it's necessary to shoot a horse with a broken leg or put down a dog suffering with cancer, but if you're a human with a terminal disease and you're in agony, too bad for you.

Does this mean that if I hang out with people yelling at the TV during today's Grey Cup game, I might begin to take an interest in football myself? I might see something fascinating about kicking and throwing a pigskin ball back and forth, that I've never noticed before?  Hm. No. Can't see it. I'd rather watch a curling game. Must be simply that it's one I have played and understand, whereas football, no.

Today we'll move Emil over to Aylesbury House. He spent last night here and we'll go to town after brunch and pack him up. Our fingers are crossed that this residence will be happily longterm.