Sunday, August 17, 2014

Come walk with me

Do you think I will ever remember to take a hammer and nail out there and tack this sign to a tree? I've only been meaning to for about two years.

There. The hammer is out of the desk drawer and onto the bed. Next: find a nail.

When you pull out of our driveway, you barely look, thinking it's safe to go. But long grass in the ditch can surprise you when a speeding vehicle streaks out of it. And if you had pulled out, you'd'a'bin T-boned.
Don't risk it. 

I walked across the road yesterday afternoon and took a very pleasant hike around the perimeter of the field where Scott was making bales.

I am particularly fond of this quarter-section of land; don't ask me why. Maybe because it makes for a very private walk. Maybe because, to my knowledge, it has never, ever had a drop of poison sprayed onto it.

These were my happy and excited companions.

There is just the right amount of open field mixed with bush and sloughs.

Look! Yonder a ship appears on the horizon. The earth is round!!!!
I wonder who has been sleeping here. It looks like a comfy spot.
There are hobo spider webs all over the stubble, in certain areas. Hobo spiders build a funnel web and lie in wait at the bottom of it for their prey. Look closely and you'll see the spider there.

Click to enlarge.

When I got home, I cracked a chilled can of Palm Bay, the vodka/juice cocktail Karen has wafted under my nose and given me a taste for, and plopped down into a chair on the back step.

One reason I don't walk often over my favourite quarter is that I don't have ankle-protecting boots. I need to make a trip to the city to try on the Blundstones I believe will fill the bill.

Meanwhile, these leather shoes Cathy gave me are just about right.
Before long, Scott drove into the back yard and started baling up the swaths behind the house. I went in and got a can of "pop" out of the fridge to take out to him; he'd be thirsty.

Something was up with the baler, though, and when he called it quits and pumped out the last one, it was a baby.