Thursday, November 17, 2016


It's been almost three months since Scott's dad passed away. During the days following his passing, I decided to dye the dining room curtains from white to wine, closer to the colour of the living room drapes.
I forgot to check the fabric label, alas, and ended up with pink curtains. I was chagrined but hung them back up anyway and will try again with even more dye, and will soak them a lot longer, as per Cathy's advice.
I wondered how long it would take Scott to notice the curtains had changed colour. Usually he doesn't miss a thing.
But he still hasn't said a word. Maybe he's curtain-colour-blind.

Dining room window

Living room drape
It's been a cold day here in SaskieLand, but I dressed for it and walked three miles anyway, listening to CBC radio podcasts on my iPhone.

New recipe at Stubblejumpers Café: KILLER MARINATED TOMATOES, a good way to use the last of them.

We've been watching the Soundbreaking music series on TV the last few nights. It's on again now so I must away.