Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturdays are Good Days When You're Not Aching

OK the snow's gone. Now would a little heat be too much to ask?

Sheesh. I still have to walk with the hood of my winter jacket up. Am I complaining? Yes.

Didn’t work much yesterday so put in three hours today and will do another two tomorrow. Went for massage instead, which hurt like hell; asked the therapist to lighten up, and she did, but it still hurt. This morning I was pretty sore. To be expected, mind you, as there were knots in my shoulders and upper back to be worked out, which might explain why I’ve had so many  migraines in recent weeks. 

And so I've been at this computer enough hours for today, and will leave with a link to this most excellent article about how to make fried rice. 

I didn't follow the instructions very closely today, but took those leftovers from last night's café supper and made fried rice with them today, keeping the pro's tips in mind, and it turned out fine.

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