Thursday, August 1, 2013

Where Have I Been?

My great-niece Lexi, her mom in mirror
It's been a busy past week, and I was feeling 100% when I went to the hospital on Monday morning, where the doctor's office is, for a physical. But within a half-hour of coming out of the place I was blowing my nose, and by suppertime I knew something unpleasant was taking hold. And so it has been. I've been fevered and congested and runnynosed ever since. Wasted days, how I hate them. Feeling crummy always makes me think the most negative thoughts: how I'm going to be a bag lady in my old age, for instance. Positive expectations simply disappear when I feel like shit.

Today I feel a lot better — no more runny nose, no more fever — but my voice is so deep it's scary. Aunt Shirley, I see you have left a message on my phone. I will call you when I can talk properly! I was in Margo on Monday afternoon to drop off my market wares at Missy's, and after a quick stop at the cemetery I had to go see Michelle and Lexi, and then Karen, so didn't have time to come and see you too. However if Missy's "Market Mondays" continue, I'll be there every week so will see you next time.