Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Love Snow. There, I Said It.

Spring is so just around the corner — I can feel it!

My standing-desk experiment is at an end for now. Yesterday morning I enlisted help to lift and switch the computer and printer so I can sit again to work. Otherwise I'm going to be a poor girl. I like standing, but can't do it with my back being fussy. Which SHALL SOON PASS, goddammit. Actually there is noticeable improvement. I'm just not telling you what it is. Only that after a half-hour of standing, I still crave a nap. The dishes don't get done in one go, sometimes. But they're always there when I get around to them, crusty little darlings.

So soon, all these brilliant patterns will be gone. 
I know, I know ... If I had to shovel, things would be different.