Thursday, November 27, 2014

Kathy has Crazy Hair

After an appointment first thing yesterday morning for a haircut, I walked into the news office, unfrocked (winter parka, wool scarf, gloves inside mitts, ski pants, and Sorel boots—we are enjoying 30-below, but I was prepared to walk to the office after Scott dropped me off for the haircut—however, he was having none of it, and took time out of his busy workday to come back an hour later and drive me the few blocks to work; totally unnecessary, but appreciated), turned on the computer at my desk, and started sneezing and blowing my nose.

This went on all day. By the time I got home around 6:30, I was ready for bed. By 9 o'clock I was in bed, trying to absorb the shocking news that Mom's cousin Randy Bartley has died suddenly after arriving in Phoenix for the winter, and hoping that a good night's sleep would set me back on my feet in time to return to the office this morning.

I'm still a bit under the weather, so will work from home for a couple hours and see if maybe by noon I feel well enough to go in.

Meanwhile, Sandy (my heroic hairstylist), this one's for you (but it's a message that perfectly suits me and my head of hair):

Also: phone scammers.
We've been receiving calls from real people trying to scam us, but here's a warning from Westjet about automated calls claiming to be from the company. CLICK HERE.