Sunday, September 4, 2016

Flowery Speech

There's always a sheet of paper on the go that contains my plans for changes to next year's flower beds. 

Last year I decided to let the shasta daisies go crazy in the main perennial bed this summer. They looked good, but the new plan is to dig them all out and make space for a shitload of giant zinnias next year. They're an annual that is large, bright, tall, multi-coloured, beautiful, and will bloom throughout the entire season if I'm lucky. 

I'm going to dig out all the pink speedwells; there are about a dozen bordering the curved front edge of the flowerbed, but they are now crowding the columbines behind them as well as the lawn in front, making it difficult for Scott to mow the grass there. Plus the flowerbed is so packed that I can't walk into it without damaging plants, and getting in there with my trusty horseshoe hoe is impossible. I have to do all the weeding by hand, and it's not a small area. 

The blue flax is coming out; I love it, but not there. It needs another location, which at this point I can't offer it without digging another flower bed and ending up with more than I have time to take good care of. If there is much more that requires weeding and deadheading and pruning, it will become a chore rather than a delight. Thus I limit myself to the flower beds that I already have, rather than taking advantage of the large farmyard that we have and creating a bunch more. 

The painted daisies planted in the same bed as my climbing rose are coming out because the rose needs the bed to itself, I figure; for the same reason (and because I have to weed out the grass by hand and can never keep on top of it), the pink dianthus are coming out of there too. 

Maltese crosses are also going to be removed. There are enough of them under the oak trees, where the daisies have also become plenteous in the dappled shade, where I didn't expect them to. Neither of these will be missed in the main flower bed because I will get my fill elsewhere. 

My only weaknesses now shall be brown-eyed susans and lupins, two perennials that I'm smitten with but haven't had much luck with so far. I won't go looking for them, but if they're spotted in a greenhouse, I'll buy. I know it. There are some flowers this girl simply cannot pass up.

The one remaining browneyed susan plant in the garden. 

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The Peaceful Mind blend...hmm, I could sure use some of that today. Did you make it yourself? I used to dabble in aromatherapy recipes years ago. Although I'm allergic to perfume, essential oils are O.K. 

A friend gave these bottles to me. The only one I mix myself is the Grief Blend (on my page Letter of Comfort; see above), which goes directly into the bathwater. 

I have had nothing but positive response to aromatherapy, but never think about it when I put drops of vanilla oil on my wrists and neck....maybe I'm being more affected than I thought. 

That's what they say: it's making a difference whether you're aware of it, or believe it, or not. 

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