Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Still Here

You'll be starting to wonder whether we've dropped off the face of the earth.
Nope. The snow's been melting for the past couple days, but the house hasn't floated over the edge. Yet.
The sump pump in the basement hasn't started running every 20 minutes, as it did until Christmas.
And the fridge is clean.
Thanks Everett!

Not much to tell. Been watching and listening to the media coverage of the hell that is Japan right now, and Libya. Made my donation online to the Red Cross. Now just to keep my fingers crossed, because although I often send up prayers out of some sort of instinct (or maybe it's early childhood training), I have no faith in them making a damn bit of difference, whatsoever.

I've been working here in the office, and going for walks in the fine weather, and that's about it. Just the usual putzing, otherwise. Last week I picked up those S-hooks I mentioned and Everett got up on a stepladder and hung a large chime from the eavestrough in front of the picture window. For the previous week about four birds a day had been slamming into that window and flying off, wobbily, to a nearby oak branch. Since the chime went up, there hasn't been one crash. Maybe this chime will continue to do the trick where all else has failed.

One afternoon a half-dozen redpolls were perched on it, right near the window, peering in. Bonus!