Sunday, October 18, 2015

Airports and Destinations

The first leg of the journey is the two-hour drive to Saskatoon. Then we fly from Saskatoon to Calgary, and change planes to Kelowna after a two-hour layover.

Seen in the Saskatoon airport:

"Celebrity" sighting: Manitoba actor, Hollywood movie star (yes he is!) and youth activist ADAM BEACH
 Dad (who paid for our flights, bless his heart; very generous) picked us up at the airport in Kelowna and took us over to our sister Joan's, where we had beer and pizza and a nice evening together:

Dad and Karen
It's Sunday morning and we are coffeeing and chatting and coffeeing and chatting some more.

Grade Eleven

So I'm reading through journal two.
At 17, I am deciding to do less complaining in the journal. (Never succeeded.)
I am 5'4" and 125 pounds, and think I am "fat."
Oh, and "ugly" and possibly "shallow."
I have "zits." My friends give me perms.

Some of the girls are getting married or having babies while still in high school. I note now, looking back at the couples, that many of these are still together four decades later.

Wonder where this corduroy shirt is now. And ha! ha! that flip! Oh the hours I spent with a curling iron ... 

Tucked among the pages were these pics of my friend Kim at the high school:

Ms Cool
After having the flu for 10 days, I weighed 115 pounds and thought that was just fine and hoped I'd stay that way.
After Grade 11, I joined the militia for a summer job of "basic training."