Saturday, April 9, 2016

From the Corner

When Emil and I got home from town last night, it was damn cold out there. I was sure it had to snow. By this morning it hadn't, but looking through the window and hearing the wind blow, the great outdoors was not in the least appealing.

I went out anyway because the bird feeders were empty, and discovered to my pleasure that the day is mild even if there's ice in the breeze. The air is as soft, rich and sweet as it might be in a magical fairyland. I couldn't resist a short walk.

Never, never go outside without my eyeglasses, I tell myself. But sometimes I just want to set my face free of the things and away I go, knowing better. And each time, I regret it.

Today there is a joyful twittering in the trees across the road, but I couldn't see what kind of birds were making it.

Will I ever learn!