Monday, September 27, 2010

A Good Time Was Had

Flooded land on both sides of the highway on my way to the WomenOnlyWeekend.

There are so many dead trees out in the water that it's almost eerie driving past.

Gals chit-chattin on the first night.

Our host hosted a house concert; these two gals from Vancouver have been touring Western Canada and stopped in to give us a show in the sunroom.

Sara Ciantar and Hilary Grist are their names, should you care to check out their music. We were a small audience, only eight or so, but we bought up lots of their CDs so we assume they went away happy. We certainly enjoyed their show, those talented girly-sues.

This was the weekend of the pumpkin fest in the hamlet we were in, so there was a parade — one horse-drawn cart that gave rides that passed by the sunroom during the concert.

While the travelling minstrels packed up, they were serenaded by the house band.

And on Saturday night, there were fireworks so we strolled over to the community centre and enjoyed the show.

Of course we had shooters.

And representing the canine contingent was Ebony, the one-eyed wonder: