Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cow Communications

Ready for another week: the dishes are finally done.
Now, if only they'd stay that way.

Friggin' old dog barked herself hoarse last night, so that neither of us slept very well.
Of course, we were both too lazy to get out of bed and tell her to be quiet.
Which might have worked. Old dogs aren't stupid.

This old dog is going to finish her second mug of coffee, soak her head, and get off to work. Looks like another sunny day, but cool ... so then, it's not difficult to spend the day indoors.

Scott, quizzical:
You know that old cow I told you about, that didn't have a calf last year and seemed depressed?
Well, she had a great big calf this morning, and she looks like a different cow. She was eating her afterbirth and looking at me ... (makes face like happy, relieved cow, all pleased with herself).
Cow communications.
It's calving time, and Scott is gone at five every morning to check on the birthing situation before coming home for coffee and breakfast. I get the reports.
Funny how those calves can get up so quick after they're born and run after their moms.
Three days old and already hard to catch.
Cute little buggers.
That one that wouldn't let her calf suck? She's taking him now. 
And so on. He's got a pasture full of pets over there.