Monday, June 29, 2015

100 Fires

No walk for Ms Kate today.
My eyes were stinging before I got to the end of the driveway.

Looking south down the road.

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

This is what I wish it looked like outside but due to wildfires up north, practically the entire province is under a smoke advisory. The sky is a weird grey and we must keep the windows closed so the air in the house doesn't fill with smoke too.

The beautiful wild grasses. I can't help it, I love them.
After the good rain we had last weekend, everything is super green.
Even the old girl, Jenna Doodle, made it this far. Lately she has been stopping and waiting in the driveway for us to return. She has a pronounced limp now and is starting to look her age, getting grey on her snout. She's 13 or maybe 14.

The sun had already set but there was still light in the northwest when I went for a walk last night after the day had cooled down. It's not a good idea to be on the road with a dog when visibility is poor, in case a vehicle comes along, but there wasn't a one so I didn't have to pick up my little hound and take to the ditch. And did I ever enjoy that walk. Everything looks, smells and sounds different in the semi-dark.

I was up late last night, watching TV after Scott went to bed around 11. We had watched something together — what was it now? Lord, my memory ... oh yeah, Last Tango in Halifax, another British series Mom also would've liked. That Detroit PBS channel has some fabulous programming; if we were ever to lose that station, I'd find a way to get it back — it's that good, if you like the kinds of shows I do — shows with interesting characters, no violence or gore, and no commercials. Yay! I did my yoga while watching the first part of the new series Poldark and soon abandoned it in favour of Father Brown, the crime-solving clergyman. And finally the new True Detective came on and, because RACHEL MCADAMS, a Canadian gal, is in a role quite different from her usual, I stayed up, actually dozing through most of it and finally getting off the couch at 2 a.m.

Why is it that once in bed it takes a while to get to sleep, while on the couch it is quick? Then I slept in till 10 this morning so am feeling like a lazy lout. This is the first morning in three or four days that I haven't been forced out of bed too early due to the "neck thing." There probably was some catching up to do.

It's past 11:30 and I'm still in Mom's housecoat. All I've done so far is have toast with my coffee and go out and turn on the sprinkler and move it once or twice. Most Mondays I'd be baking bread, but with the kitchen still in a bit of an uproar I can't be bothered. Fortunately I froze many loaves while sticking to the Monday routine.

Scott installed the last cabinet yesterday and did some drywalling but the handles will take three weeks to arrive and I haven't put everything away yet. Maybe today I'll get a jump on that.

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