Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Pitchforks to Pitchers

From The Lacuna:

"From three-thirty to four, it rained pitchforks."

So simple, yet what a picture.

We've got company.

I've made a dozen loaves of bread: yesterday, so as to please them while they're here; and today, to send back to Calgary with them on Friday.

This morning:

Father and son
Darling daughter-in-law tackles my filthy keyboard
Beast on my couch
Brother-in-law Bruce 
Did get out and walk two miles with Bruce's two dogs while he cleared deadfall from the bush next to our driveway.

My dogs stayed indoors, as if it was too cold out; or maybe guarding their territory from the two temporary dogs that are house dogs. Whatever the case, it's a doggy zoo around here.

The title promised pitchers:

Belonged to my grandmothers