Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Skip Skip Skip to My Lu

Luanne prepares to drive home to Flin Flon

She suggested I hop into the passenger's seat and wave a breezy goodbye to my family as we headed out the driveway, but I managed with great effort to restrain myself.

We had a short but satisfying visit, only Friday to Saturday, but she had been away from home a week already so wanted to get back and have a day of rest before starting work on Monday.


Every spare moment is being spent outside, now, while the weather is welcoming. I've been transplanting violas, sowing flower seeds, and bossing Everett around — he hates gardening, he tells me. Can you blame him? Guess who has to fill the pots with a shovel and carry them around, and rake straw off the grass where the bale house for the dogs was, and do the turd tour.

He reports that there is one batch of newborn kittens in the attic of the tractor shed.