Tuesday, January 1, 2013

In the Maple Tree

As soon as I fill the feeders, they flock in. The pine grosbeaks...
...the white-breasted nuthatch ...
...and blue-eyed Lacy, who thinks she might catch one of the dozen chickadees that practically land on my hand. It's thrilling when they're so close. When  I don't get out there and refill the feeders early enough in the day, they fly right up to the windows to remind me: get my butt in gear. Cheeky buggers. 
There is also one lone Harris's sparrow, which must have lost its own flock, poor little jigger. There are six magpies but they don't come close till I leave; Scott asked the other day if I mind if he shoots them. Yes I mind! I hope he won't do it. He's all talk no action anyway, when it comes to that. I'm glad.

Lacy there would like to be a house cat again. I brought her back with me from Shelly's this summer, but she has never warmed to the cats that were already here, or they to her. Any takers out there? She's a lovely, affectionate one-year-old female. If she survives till spring (she has the entire barn to herself, and it's full of straw or hay so there are plenty of warm places; it's not the cold that kills our cats, it's the foxes and coyotes), she should have some nice kittens. Hope she doesn't eat them this time. Blechh.