Sunday, October 31, 2010

More Like Spring

Through the bedroom window

Apparently the prudent thing to do is to move the snow away from the house, particularly since it's begun to melt. The sun's shining and oh, if winter could only be mild like this for the next six months... mind you, winter whips by quickly nowadays, as does all time.

This morning I awoke from a nightmare: we were buying a house in a city; one that also needed renovations, like the house we're in right now. What a relief to find it was only a dream! And I'm not just talking about the renovations. Cities are places we go for medical appointments with specialists or to purchase goods we can't buy out here, and to visit loved ones who live and work in cities, but the thought of spending any length of time in an urban environment or even a small town is a stomach-turning idea for both of us. We like our space, and lots of it. One day the large yard/lawn to mow may be too much for us and we may not be able to drive, so living in town will look more attractive. But with luck that's a couple decades away.


A reader recently informed me that when she tried to leave a comment, Google responded with the message that she was to "go away" and that she would be reported for "abuse" if she tried again to comment. Thanks for letting me know, Marion. I have no idea what this is all about and have posted a question about it on a user forum, but received no responses as yet. If anyone has info to share, or if this has happened to you, please do speak up.