Monday, April 30, 2012

Retired workhorses— granary and grain truck

Yesterday was pretty much a write-off, though I did manage to sit here for one hour and work. The rest of the day and all of the night were spent wondering what in the hell it is I do to bring this upon myself. In hopes of relieving the pressure on my neck I semi-reclined on the couch for part of the night. There was no real sleep to be had, but I dreamed anyway.  The mind is an entertaining beast when you're awake enough to observe what it gets up to. Quite inventive!

After sleeping most of the morning I am caught up on the hours missed last night and now feel almost normal. My fingers are crossed that it remains so for the rest of the day. That deadline still needs to be met, and I've got to prepare for a week away from home: do laundry, pack, and so on.

Sure hope this kind of migraine thingy doesn't spring itself upon me while en route to Toronto during the three-hour plane ride, or when I'm there working over several days.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Snow Geese

There's a flock in the field south of our yard, and are they ever noisy! And easily spooked. I was still quite far away when they left the ground and, not ready for it, missed recording the first moments. But the sound made by their wings as they first take off is enough to make you stand there with your mouth open. It's almost overwhelming.

I'm not feeling right, dammit (neck thing, third day in a row), but have to work this afternoon if we're to meet a deadline, so am going to go for a short walk and see if that helps any. If it doesn't, sitting here will be hell on wheels. You know how it is when all you want to do is sleep to escape it, and you can't.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Accident on Main St Wadena

Maybe this thing ...
...hit this thing.

It appears no one was hurt, but the ambulance showed up anyway just moments after I snapped these pictures when Emil and I came out of the Co-op store.

Friday, April 27, 2012

A Quick Hello

Flat, my ass! Lo the undulating hills of Saskatchewan

It is freezing cold out there this morning, and I haven't even had breakfast yet, but have a busy day ahead that must include a brisk 45-minute walk. Sigh. Some days I sure don't feel like it.

And now, it is time to make this morning's smoothie: kiwi, banana, spinach, yogurt, blueberries, apple, orange. It will be olive green, but I don't care; it will taste delicious and look at all the vitamins getting down my neck! This pleases me no end.

I'll leave you with the following film, which my sister Joan says was an eye-opener for her and her hubby:

Watch Forks Over Knives online:

Oh, and look! Since it's soon dandelion season, why not make good use of the pesky plants?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Other Places to Read

Out behind the chicken coop sits this old thing, probably an apartment for mice now.

I have gathered some links that might be of interest:

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Me contains some stunning photographs

Classic Shipwreck Songs, by Gary Cristall on the Canadian Encyclopedia blog; contains a 5-minute audio recording of Leadbelly

“When Edith Wharton—then Edith Jones—was a little girl, her favorite game was called “making up.” “Making up” involved pacing around with an open book and (before she could read) inventing and then later half reading, half inventing stories about real people, narratives that she would chant very loud and very fast. The constant pacing and shouting were important parts of the game, which (according to Wharton’s memoir, A Backward Glance) had an enraptured, trance-like, slightly erotic aspect. Her parents spied on her, and it made them nervous.” 

Making up Edith Warton, by Francine Prose in The New York Review of Books

And that's that for that! 
I will be slaving hard indoors for most of the day, trying to meet a deadline. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Birthday Girls

Angela and Karen

So you think astrology is a bunch of hooey, do you?
The pattern of your life is affected by the alignment of the stars and planets at the moment of your birth. An astrologer "reads" your life by studying a picture of the sky from the place you were born and at that particular date and time of day.
These two, Angela and Karen, were born in the same hospital on the same day 51 years ago.
They were good friends as schoolgirls and then married brothers who farm together. The two families lived near each other in a shared farmyard until just this spring, when they both moved into new houses built on a lakeshore.
Angela and Karen each raised three children — two girls and one boy.
Both women worked at the school in Margo as teachers' aides and now they both work in neighbouring Invermay, one at the school and one at the nursing home.

When I went to Karen's yesterday to take a flower arrangement for her birthday, Angela popped in so I got to see her too.

From Karen's front window you can see Margo, two miles away

I gave Karen a tarot "birthday card" yesterday and it occurred to me that these would be as welcome, by a lot of us, as the traditional birthday card. See my tarot page (link is in list below, too) for more information.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


A pair of Canada geese south of the barn

Yesterday I went for a walk in such glorious weather that I felt perfectly, perfectly content — the warmth on my face, the smell of spring breezes, the bird calls—yes, it did, as always, make me sing.
And yesterday my gardening began. I moved seven shovelsful of oriental poppies from the back yard to the front. Then made myself stop.
Today I'll move 10 painted daisies.
It was cool and windy when I carried my coffee onto the step, so I didn't stay out there.

Karen's birthday.
I've no gift; shopped and failed to find the perfect thing.
For now, I've sent her a birthday "tarot" card.
Did call her though; she was off to find a dog and/or the things the dog dragged along when it escaped its strictures. (Dog needs new home; gorgeous two-year-old rottweiler, Dahlia. You interested?).
I'd go to town, buy flowers, and go visit, but have pressing work to do and will be searching the internet, sending emails and making phone calls in an effort to meet a deadline; her kids and grandkids are taking pizza and cake over for supper.
At our age, that's enough to pack into one day.
I was reading Jacob's Room, one of Virginia Woolf's early novels, and she describes a 50-year-old woman as "elderly." Whoa! VW was in her mid-thirties when she wrote the book; one must take that into consideration I suppose.

Smoothie Perfection: 
Orange juice, plain yogurt, strawberries, ½ banana, 1 apple.
Been adding too much stuff lately; left the avocado, spinach and blueberries out this time. Perhaps another smoothie later in the day will give me a chance to use them. This is divine! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

We've Got Moose

While on my first bike ride this year, I went north from the driveway when I noticed an unfamiliar shape in the ditch. It turned out to be a young moose that crossed the road and stood nibbling on the other side till Old Jenna reached it. They looked at each other and the moose turned and sauntered away behind the bush. Jenna didn't make a peep.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Peaceful Morning

It's a fine, fine morning. The sun's shining, and sure I may need a jacket, but out on the step it is glorious! The birds and frogs are making all kinds of noise, the good kind. Now that I've watched the last two episodes of this week's Coronation Street, I'm going to brew a second pot of coffee and go stroll around the yard with a mug in my hand. Maybe I'll keep my long underwear on — I donned it this morning to wear while watching TV so that it wouldn't be necessary to curl up under a blanket — under my jeans. (Curling up while sitting is a habit of mine that isn't the best thing for my back and neck; posture, donchaknow. It's a hard habit to change.)

So much for the leisurely Sunday mornings catching up with my favourite online reading. That's for winter. Everything changes when the wind hasn't whipped up yet and the ducks and frogs are doing their spring thing and even the magpies are making music to my ears. I slept last night with the bedroom window open so I could hear the frogs. The only bird that I haven't heard yet is the sora:

Here you go; you can hear its call on this page: click here.
They will call to each other late into the night, once they get here.

I still haven't figured out which bird cackles like an old witch, out there.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturdays are Good Days When You're Not Aching

OK the snow's gone. Now would a little heat be too much to ask?

Sheesh. I still have to walk with the hood of my winter jacket up. Am I complaining? Yes.

Didn’t work much yesterday so put in three hours today and will do another two tomorrow. Went for massage instead, which hurt like hell; asked the therapist to lighten up, and she did, but it still hurt. This morning I was pretty sore. To be expected, mind you, as there were knots in my shoulders and upper back to be worked out, which might explain why I’ve had so many  migraines in recent weeks. 

And so I've been at this computer enough hours for today, and will leave with a link to this most excellent article about how to make fried rice. 

I didn't follow the instructions very closely today, but took those leftovers from last night's café supper and made fried rice with them today, keeping the pro's tips in mind, and it turned out fine.

Don't forget to listen to "Randy's Vinyl Tap" tonight on CBC radio. It's on from 7 to 9.

Here's the page with info and podcast: Click Here.

Or turn on CBC Radio One and listen to the newest program.

Randy's Vinyl Tap, music's answer to The Private Life of a Masterpiece.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Goo Moo?

Emil's household is going to a dance tomorrow night, so he decided to stay in town this weekend. I had a massage appointment though, so went in anyway and my boy and I got a bite to eat before picking up groceries.

The new owners of the Good Luck Diner on Main Street are not fluent in English. They are Chinese and methinks they may even be brand new immigrants. To order our meals, I had to help the husband/cook/waiter understand Emil, who tends to speak quickly and run his words somewhat lazily together. For myself, I pointed at something in the chop suey section of the menu called "goo moo mei pau" or thereabouts, enquiring what it is. What I could comprehend of the reply was "chicken" so I thought it worth the risk, assuming it would have lots of veggies. Which it did ... mmm mmm mmm ... loads of fresh mushrooms and celery ... as you can see, I made a pretty good dint in it. The rest, including most of the chicken and the entire bowl of rice, came home for Scott.

It was so cold here today that I expected snow; however, it started to rain while we were in the café ... which warmed things up.

Ducky in Heaven on Earth

Sorry ladies; I am not permitted to share with you the full visual splendor of my spouse's masculine pulchritude. He requested that I crop him out of the photos.
But at least you can imagine the pleasure of his attentions ... look at Ducky here, enjoying a cuddle and a caress.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Froggie went A-courtin'

My little bit of video to share with you the singin' of the a-courtin' froggies in my back yard (which has just begun in earnest but is not yet as loud as it's going to get) isn't worth a hoot, so ... you get this instead.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Morning

To fly or not to fly—that is the question
And this morning I am good as new again.
As a matter of fact, aside from it not being warm enough to sit on the step with my coffee, I've enjoyed my ideal morning: awake, propped up in bed, reading and drinking coffee before 8. Scott is still home, busy planning his day, having a bath, organizing his paperwork for taxes, doing his thing.
I’ve nowhere to go, and the sky is blue. I’ve taken four large strawberries out of the fridge to thaw for my breakfast smoothie. I’ve been reading Virginia Woolf’s diary from 1916. My hair needs washed; I’ll have a bath this morning before getting dressed. Yesterday was a write-off due to the neck thing, so I felt poorly in the morning, slept most of the afternoon, and didn’t go outside. Thus I must walk today.
Also I need to make up my mind when to go to Toronto so that airline tickets and rooms can be booked. I don’t want to go! But having the skills I'm learning there will pay off in future, so I must bite the bullet and do it. Also, there will be rewards: when I meet up with new friends made over the internet.
Think I’ll make a marinated macaroni salad today. Just gotta find an hour to do it.
Sometimes Scott has been getting up and drying dishes lately as I wash. It’s lovely; hope it continues. It’s a tiny treat to do something together for a few minutes in a day, even if it’s only working in the kitchen. Other things we do together I shan't write about.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

One of Those Days

It's still pretty chilly out there; I wore my ski pants yesterday, and my winter jacket with the hood up, which tells you something.
Haven't been out yet today, at least not further than the step. Hope by the time I go walking, the clouds will have cleared off and the air will be warmer.
Alas, the neck thing is grieving me again today so I may end up lying down and sleeping while a pill works, instead. It's next to impossible to force myself out onto the road when I feel this way. There have been times when I thought getting out into the fresh air might vanquish the thing, but alas, getting a mile from home and not being sure how you'll make it back isn't healing.
I've had a lot of "neck things" already this month — six — so finally I've made an appointment for massage in town. I need to have massage regularly, and to mix the sessions up between two different therapists, one of whom (Hi Ann!) works farther away but heck, I only have to call her and I start feeling better.
I guess the trick is making a bunch of appointments in advance; that's the way to get myself going. Otherwise as soon as I'm feeling normal, I don't bother. The eternal optimist, that's me.
My heart goes out to people with any kind of chronically painful condition. I am only suffering a little discomfort here, and still it colours my entire day. It affects my life, even, as I don't like to commit to anything where my presence is relied upon, just in case I wake up with a migraine that day and my pill doesn't work. I've worked through the migraine before, and it was torturous; I try not to do it. I'm an escapist I guess: let me sleep!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Food, Moose, Coyotes, Snow

From my bathroom mirror
9:43 a.m.

Today’s breakfast smoothies: a banana, an apple,  a handful of spinach, blackberries, strawberries, cubes of frozen soy-almond milk, plain yogurt, skim milk. Delicious!

Naturally I had forgotten to take my camera along when it was time to drive Emil to town after supper, so couldn't take a picture of the young moose that stood only a few moments to look back at me before sticking its chin up in the air and heading for the bush.

Scott passed along the information that, as with horses, the eyes of moose don't reflect your headlights when they're in the ditch along the road.

Is it wrong to make smoothies a second time in one day? I was sitting here thinking it’s time to have a proper (i.e. more solid) meal, when what I really wanted was another smoothie.

So: an apple, spinach, strawberries, blueberries, frozen almond-soy milk, plain yogurt, an orange, an avocado. Looks pretty grey but tastes great. I’ll eat something heavier later; made granola yesterday so that will be quick and easy to get down.

Mmm, smoothies. I go to bed these days looking forward to my morning smoothie. (That almost sounds dirty doesn't it.)

Most of the snow is gone already, but there were a few flakes drifting down again today. I'm off for a brisk walk, shortly.

A pack of about a dozen coyotes was seen behind the barn near the calves at the other farm (a mile south) yesterday. It's unusual to see so many together, so alarm bells are ringing and perhaps a trapper will have to be called in.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


From this, taken during my walk after arriving home from Karen's yesterday evening ...

to this, taken from the back step just now:

Not that I'm complaining: I'm warm and dry and that's good enough for me.
Scott's probably not. He went out around 8 to do something with cattle — move them? Whatever it is, it won't be a pleasant job in this weather.

Virginia Woolf could at least go to the movies:

I think I shall indulge in a picture palace—but why? I shall certainly come out saying to myself, “Nothing will induce me ever to go to a picture palace again.”

Then again, sometimes she spent a quiet day in:

I began today to treat my corn. It had to be done for a week.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Karen's New Pad

My little sister Karen welcomes us to her new home.

She's still trying to decide what to buy for living room furniture. The front window overlooks Margo Lake. (She and her husband have developed their lakefront property into lots that are for sale, if you're looking ....)

The loft has a tin ceiling.

Dad's girlfriend Grace made a special piece of glass for the staircase wall.

I'm getting a tour because last time I was here the house wasn't finished; this is the upstairs bathroom.
Karen calls this her "antiques" room. Let me tell you, even when you're expecting the volume, that bell still shocks when it's rung even once. It's an old churchbell.

I made her play me a tune on the organ that belonged to our great-grandmother. Guess what she played? The theme to the modern Titanic movie. Fitting for today ... in case anyone the world over doesn't know it's the 100th anniversary of the great sinking. Sure I sang; but I don't know many of the words.

All my photos didn't turn out, so I'll take the camera out next time for pictures of the snazzy kitchen.
She was baking bread when we arrived, so the frozen loaf I took went into her freezer and we snacked on hot buttered bread and apple pudding.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Keepin' Dry & Warm

When you've just baked six loaves of bread and they're fresh out of the oven, tell me: why wouldn't you cut the crusts from both ends of the first loaf and slather them with butter? Especially if you're the baker; then you can get away with it.

Anyway, there's lots more.

Now that Everett's not home and Emil's only here on the weekends, a batch lasts several weeks.

That was yesterday morning.
Late this afternoon I made my weekly trip to town to pick Emil up and get groceries.
It's been raining all day so there's not much snow left, but the grid road is very mushy and slippery. I drove like a little old lady (not the one from "past Wadena," that no one can keep up with).
The train could be heard from our yard, which means that the weather is going to change.
Oh oh. Snow again?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Recycling Hell

Can't say as I find recycling convenient in the least. Everything has to be sorted before they'll take it: tin cans, glass, plastic, newsprint, office paper, magazines, cardboard, refundables; all separate. What you see above is what I prepared yesterday to take out for dropoff at the recycling depot in town; had to make three trips to the driveway to get it all loaded up. It's a pain in the butt, and it ain't pretty in the porch, either. And this is only a couple months worth of stuff!

Here's the sorting system as it looks after the backbreaking labour has been done:

My request is that when Scott gets around to renovating the porch, he will incorporate a closet with doors that can be closed so we don't have to look at this eyesore, which is usually overflowing. Drives me nuts. Still I shall carry on, ugly as it is, because when I see that pile of "garbage" up there and realize how much waste from my home was going into the landfill, before ... well, shame on me if I don't set my esthetic preferences aside and do the responsible thing.

One of Scott's clients gave him this boot-dryer. He came in at the end of the day, all pleased, and I expected the thing to be simply a boot rack that could be set over a heat register. But no! It actually plugs in and heats up. Who knew? I continue to learn something new every day, even at my ripe old age.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Beloved Companion

You might think that Ducky is not a favoured entity in our house due to some of Scott’s nicknames for him: Shitstick. Fartlick. Tickbait.

But this little dog is adored. Scott pets him and croons, “Oh, you.”

When Scott comes in the door after work, he looks for Ducky. 
When he sits on the couch, he calls for Ducky. 
When he leaves for work in the morning, he kisses Ducky and pats me on the head.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fine Day

Yep. Lots of snow. But it's melting. I could see spots of green grass appearing around the yard today.
When I finally got out onto the road, it was still necessary to wear a winter jacket but I did NOT wear my ski pants!
Wished I had, though, for the first few minutes. Still had to keep my hood up most of the way. Spring wind and all.

While talking to Aunt Reta on the phone this afternoon — she thought our heavy snowfall was humorous for some reason — probably because she doesn't often have to deal with snow anymore, down there in the desert heat of Arizona — she can afford to chuckle — I noticed a northern flicker in the yard. Gorgeous bird. First one I've seen this year. It didn't come to the feeders at the oaks but since the snowy weekend, the feeders are popular once again. Lots of colourful purple finches are back, too. Busy in the trees alongside juncos and redpolls and chickadees and woodpeckers and redwinged blackbirds. Yes, even redwinged blackbirds are eating outside my front window. It's so exciting. I am a hundred years old. Now you know.

In other news, my sister Karen has gotten moved into her new house on the shore of Margo Lake. I had emailed, offering to help her pack and move her kitchen over when she was ready ... but she didn't get my email. We blame her husband, who probably flipped past the email and forgot to mention it to her. Whew—I dodged a bullet there! That would've been a huge job, that kitchen. Karen has every appliance and every dish known to every culinary expert in the world, I'm sure. All crammed into a kitchen with loads of cupboards. If Karen isn't exhausted by now, she should be.

Another day of sunshine and the ice should be melted off the ravine again.
One of my favourite parts of walking is when a bird accompanies me and the dogs, and yaks at us. Today it was the northern flicker.
The geese are plain standoffish and won't stay put when I stroll by.

Poor trees, eh? The snow is so heavy, so wet.

Now, why in the hell does my browser (Chrome) all of a sudden decide not to allow popups? Out of the blue? Like it's got a mind of its own?
This is how computers are going to drive humankind crazy. Little shit like that. Did I change a setting? No. I'm hornswoggled.

Oh well, it isn't the first time.
That's it for me tonight. Over and out.

But first, Virginia Woolf:

The West End of London fills me with aversion: I look into motor cars & see the fat grandees inside, like portly jewels in satin cases.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Sunday, April 8, 2012

No Sunrise Breakfast Around Here

Are pancakes the order of the day for Easter breakfasts? I had forgotten that until reading Joanne's entry just now. But apparently my subconscious remembered, because guess what I made this morning?

Sucre à Crème, or Caramel Sauce

Simple and quick to make, this sauce popular in Canada’s francophone provinces is delicious on ice cream and pancakes or poured over a piece of chocolate cake that hasn’t been iced.

1 c cream
1 c brown sugar
dash salt

Bring to boil over medium heat. Boil two or three minutes. Remove from heat.
Cool. Add

1 tsp vanilla
1 drop mapeline (or any maple flavouring).


Of course, I had to make pancakes to go with it.

Ms Virginia Woolf went about making breakfast in quite another way:

I caused some slight argument (with L.) this morning by trying to cook my breakfast in bed. I believe, however, that the good sense of the proceeding will make it prevail; that is, if I can dispose of the eggshells.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Storm

The only snow left last week was on the north side of treelines.

After a storm blew up last night, there is more snow in the yard than there's been all winter.

The geese seemed to carry on as usual, taking it all in stride.

This snowdrift in front of the house contains a glacier-blue cave.

The electricity went off before I got out of bed this morning, though Scott had time to drink a pot of coffee. A power pole had been knocked down, in the bush somewhere, and because the snow was so deep and wet it was difficult for the workers to get to it. It's been back on for an hour now; maybe it's a bit late in the day to be drinking coffee, but I might brew up a couple cups anyway.

The sky's blue again. It's been a lazy day; lots of sleeping and reading. Was tempted to complain helplessly, but Emil did it for us; his expected routine was altered and he was most unhappy about that. Especially since his dad was going to drive out from Edmonton today and, due to the local roads and poor visibility, did not. Scott wasn't able to get out of the yard with the half-ton; his brother had to drive over with a tractor and pick him up so they could put bedding straw out for the cattle.

I'm being called to the phone. Au revoir ....

Virginia Woolf:
His fat pink body always seems to me boneless & hairless like that of a gigantic child; & his mind is the same. But there is a charm about him."

Friday, April 6, 2012

Uncle Bob's Hospital Visit

Came across this today while searching out National Film Board videos for work.
Enjoy! Besides, if you live in Saskatchewan, as I do, you don't want to be outside today anyway. Snow, sleet, rain ... we've got it all. The gravel roads are slippery; Scott almost went in the ditch a couple miles from home, and turned around and came back.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Two Dogs Dining - posted on Facebook

Yep, All Darn Day

Mom's cherished family collection of mottoware

Scott comes into the bedroom to get dressed while I sit propped against “the cow,” reading Virginia’s diary. (The cow is Scott's name for a large wedge-shaped pillow covered by a fabric that looks like suede but isn't.)
I tease him a little. “Don’t make a mess,” I say, since I’ve recently shoved his piles of papers into binders and then into drawers. “You’re the laziest man I’ve ever seen,” I say, to the busiest guy I know. “Come and sit down a minute,” I say, patting the bed beside me. “I’ve got something important to tell you.” He perches there and I touch his arm and say, very gently, “It’s Thursday today. All day.”

And Virginia, on a Thursday?

On the way I walked through one of the worst downpours I have ever been in. It was more like a shower bath than natural rain. My shoes squeaked so with wet as I walked up the Library that I was ashamed.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Flowers to Migrate North of House

Kurt called yesterday to say he could spend the afternoon digging a new flower bed (actually he is extending the one he dug in the fall to save my plants from the septic tank installation) in the front lawn for me. So he spent 7 hours here and got the sod half dug out and carted away; I hope he’ll come back Sunday and finish.

I went out for a few minutes after every hour of my work here at the desk and took him a pop or carried water to the tractor shed for the cats (so they aren’t forced to go to a slough where they might be caught by a fox or coyote) or just to say hello and see what progress was being made.
A robin spent much of the day perched on top of the power pole in the yard, gaily chirping his “territorial song.” Click HERE to hear it. What a pleasure to open the kitchen window and listen while making supper; it begins to seem even more like spring is here to stay, although snow is forecast for the weekend. 

Today the wind is cold, but the sun's shining. 

And what was Virginia Woolf up to on a Wednesday, you say?
Virginia with her husband Leonard


L. went off at 10 a.m. to give his second lecture at Hampstead. The first was a great success, as I knew it would be. He finds the women much more intelligent than the men; in some ways too intelligent, & apt on that account, not to see the real point.

Now I have to decide whether I shall go up again, to a party at Gordon Sqre, where the Aranyis are playing. On the one hand, I shirk the dressing & the journey; on the other I know that with the first chink of light in the hall & chatter of voices I should become intoxicated, & determine that life held nothing comparable to a party."

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Reading Virginia's Diaries Again

Dipping into the first Virginia Woolf diary takes me back to my earlier reading of it, in the large and bright master bedroom of the house we rented in Kelowna during Mom’s last months alive in 2005. I remember the painful clarity of the time, and the numbness or frozenness in the days following her death. 

On Tues5Jan1915, Virginia writes:
"I dislike the sight of women shopping. They take it so seriously."

Want to know something more about Virginia Woolf? I'll be posting snippets from her diaries along with my own on this page, and of course much has been written about her work and her life so information is easy to find. But I like this:

Monday, April 2, 2012


But doesn't it LOOK great??
I did say I wanted to find some smoothie recipes to help get more vegetables down my neck, didn't I? Well, here's my first attempt. It's a bit gagworthy ... er, I mean perhaps it will take some time to acquire a taste for it, and I don't think I'm going to take that time. It's not that bad ... I'll finish the rest of this glassful (maybe), but what's left in the blender ... doubt it. It's actually very flavourful and oh so GOOD for you!

Spinach and Carrot Supreme Smoothie Recipe
(found somewhere on the internet)
(serves 2)

2 cups chopped fresh spinach
1 cup chopped carrots
1 cup apple juice
4 ice cubes

Pour the apple juice into a blender, add the chopped spinach and process until blended. Next add the chopped carrots and mix well, then add the ice cubes and more juice if necessary. Mix until a 'smoothish' consistency. 

Saskatchewan Sunday

Beginning of the Day: Mr Sleepyhead

End of the Day: Dinner with Friends

Night Night