Saturday, November 19, 2016


When I was at Joan's, we talked nonstop. 

We went for a couple walks. Kelowna has the most rich air, moist -- I like it. 

We did some clothes shopping and she bought me two tops, a thigh-length sweater-vest and a flannel shirt even longer to wear over leggings. These are my Christmas and birthday presents, she insisted, not fooling me for a moment because sure as shit she'll send presents anyway, being a person who dotes on her sisters. We are lucky, aren't we, Karen?

We stopped at a grocery store where, just outside the glass doors, we donated a few dollars for poppies ("I don't know if you've ever been pinned by a vet before," said the gentleman in uniform, fastening the flower to my collar. "Does this mean we're going steady?").

We took a new piece of Joan's art to JoeBud's Coffeehouse, the café that has been hanging it. Her airbrushed caricature of David Bowie sold quickly, and she had recently completed one of Jimi Hendrix that the café owner had no doubt would also be purchased soon. After that she finished her pic of Mick Jagger, and she has just posted one of Slash on FB. If you're connected with me on FB you might've seen these, as I share the posts. I'm very proud of her, not to mention amazed at her talent. Not that she isn't good at everything she does. It would be one thing if she'd been drawing and painting all her life, but this seemed to come out of nowhere, when she was already a fully fledged adult, so it's been surprising and her artistic output continues to delight all who know and love her.

I'll ask her permission to post photos here. Why haven't I done that already? So much to do, so little time ... no, really! Life is full. The days pass so fast, and the evenings are over before I know it. 

What I'm making today, following this recipe Joan photographed for me. I don't have quinoa but there is bulgar wheat in the pantry.