Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Letter from Karen

My niece (Karen's daughter) Cara with Bacardi

Cara's dog Bacardi has lived at Karen and Dick's farm for many years, but his hips had given out over the past few weeks so he went to Cara's house in Kelvington for some special care and attention. The final trip to the vet's office was put off until it was clear that Bacardi would not improve and couldn't use his hind legs anymore. Marc is my nephew and Kade is Cara's five-year-old son. I received this email from Karen yesterday:

   Well, it's done. I went with Cara and Bacardi to the clinic this a.m. and watched and cried as Bacardi drew his last breath. Rob was nice enough to administer the two needles outside in the grass where we all felt a little more at ease. We brought Bacardi home to Marc and Michelle's and buried him in a quilt-lined box that Dick had built for him. His grave is covered with flat rocks and there is a small photo of him and Cara sitting on top.
   He was a great dog and Cara and I reminisced about a few things. She told me how Kade had been playing with Ciera (his dog) a few days ago and she growled at him (just playing) but Bacardi dragged himself between them and warned Ciera with a growl that he was not to be hurt. That was my typical Bacardi.
   I'll miss him alot—just him lying under the trampoline is a sight that I won't see again, or the familiar whining "Welcome home!" Well I truly hope he's in a better place, pain free and where the sun is always shining.

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