Monday, November 23, 2015

Hodge Podge

Scott got busy doing some finishing work on the kitchen cabinets when Sunday was melty:

Jenna Doodle kept him company

Apparently a moose has been peering through our living room window:

photo taken from inside window, looking almost straight down
I brought home three No Trespassing signs to discourage hunters from killing moose and deer here. They won't help any if they don't get put up. Scott says they need to be mounted on boards first or they're no good. 

I got this year's feeding station set up for the chickadees and woodpeckers, our main users. The magpies too will benefit from it. No one likes these noisy birds but threats to shoot them are not carried out, and that's fine with me:

Sunflower seed purchased directly from farm east of Kelvington.
From hardly any birds around, to dozens of them. Today, the aforementioned but also pine siskins and a pileated woodpecker. A PILEATED WOODPECKER has only been seen once before in this yard since we moved here. Exciting! It didn't take anything from the feeders but lit on the maple tree for a few moments only and then flew over to the oak tree right outside the living room window, where I got a great view of it though it didn't stay long.

It's all about the light.