Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday All Darn Day

Emil loves his grandpa.

Dad is like me: says he never, ever takes a good picture. The truth is, we are both fabulously goodlooking (I've always been told I look like him) and cameras never, ever do us justice. Eh Dad? That's surely it.

We took Ebony to the doctor and she came home with a clean bill of health, yay!
Joanne and "Ebonyzer Scrooge"

Then we went and fell in love with my great-nephew:

My niece Cara had a chance to sit down with Trea, her shy one:
Trea hopes to convince her mom to let her blow bubbles in the house. Not happening.

I remember Cara at the age her daughter Trea is now. She was a total sweetheart then, and still is. It's "unreal" (strange? weird? wild? fascinating? satisfying? delightful? I haven't found the perfect word. All of them are true) to watch this beautiful young woman, whom I used to carry around on my hip, now with three little ones of her own.