Thursday, May 9, 2013

Making Crack

Get a root canal, and you'll be your old self in no time!
What a difference it makes when the body isn't fighting off an infection anymore.

I have been in the kitchen this week making what I call "crack" — caramel corn and chocolate fudge — to take to the farmers' market on Saturday. Sistah Karen is going to fill half the table with her fine baking so I'm not knocking myself out. Or trying not to. One does tend to get marathoning when all the ingredients are out. Might as well make as many batches as possible and only have to clean up the mess once, right? Not that I don't clean as I go; I am constantly wiping the counters and stove and washing dishes.

I'm pacing myself; it's that, or be beat at the end of the day.

Another windy day, but warm enough to prune off the rest of the deadstalk in the flower garden this afternoon.
And I found my stash of seeds saved from last fall's flowers. Next: get 'em into the ground.
If the wind ever stops blowing ....