Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oh the Mess That Is My Front Yard

Leonard and his trusty trencher get down to business.

One of the unpleasant and costly surprises that came with the GG Farm property was that the electrical setup wasn't safe or right, as we discovered over the past winter when a breaker went off and all the meat in the deep freeze thawed out. According to my old classmate Leonard, a main breaker was a necessity, which meant trenching from the power pole across the front lawn to the house. The job was done in a matter of hours, as Leonard somehow managed to put us up high on his list of priorities and get to us in a matter of days from the time the decision was made to go ahead.

Kate, a reader from the northeastern US, commented several days ago about workmen and the unwelcome sight of their buttcracks. So from the safety of my kitchen window I snapped this photo for her sake. The gentleman has gone the extra mile to avoid the buttcrack exposé by wearing suspenders and tucking in his long shirt, but alas it has not helped.

And here is the aftermath. It ain't pretty. All those rocks were dug up from underground. I found a few flat ones to use in the garden, should I decide to make a footpath. And I can't say as I miss the electrical wire that was strung from the power pole, across the lawn, to the top of the porch. Visually it's an improvement. It's coming up with the $2000 to pay for it that hurts.