Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wasted Mornings

Ol' reliable daylily

Loud thunder woke both Scott and me at 4 a.m. Rain poured down so loudly I thought it must be hail. But my flowers don’t seem damaged today. I took only a quick tour though, as the wind is cold.

Both yesterday morning and this one have been "lost" ones, in that I've been visited by the trusty old migraine and had to take a pill and go back to bed till early afternoon. I have a job that permits me to work around this condition; I know I'm very lucky. And thank god the pills work, given a few hours. Before they came my way, I'd spend the entire day crying and puking while trying to escape the pain by sleeping, which was very difficult to do. Usually I'd have to keep one eye open to make sure the boys were okay, too; fortunately they weren't the kind of small children who get up to no good when left to their own devices.

Also, for the past few months, I haven't had six or eight migraines each month. I've had only three each month. That is a significant improvement that I seem to recall also occurred last summer. Oh well. Shrug. I've never figured this thing out yet, and maybe never will.