Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sing Amongst Yourselves

Made me sing along – another of my criteria for inclusion, apparently.

 These are the ones I watched all the way through. Many I'm not putting here are perfectly fine as far as the music goes, but the quality of the video is horrid in one way or another. Others just don't hold my interest. While all of these ... have something ... that keeps me. Or several things.  

I like this one of somebody's Aunt Donna and Uncle Harold:

It pays to be persistent! I've now explored 18 YouTube pages and tomorrow I'm buggering off to Regina for three days, so I leave you with these. I am so kind. You don't know how fortunate you are. Imagine if the only Beautiful Star of Bethlehem you heard was the Judds' version. Lovely as it is, we need variety.

I shall be lounging about the city with some friends from high school days. You know -- the good old ones. The ones you couldn't pay me to do over unless I could know then what I know now. Without having to experience pregnancy or childbirth again. Thank god that's over. 

See you back here on Thursday.