Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Back from the Lake

But no time to resize and upload photos or sit and write yet. 

This was taken when Cathy and Jo Ann were out and we went for a walk under the big sky in the big fields.

My walk to the north. 

Here's something we tucked into when the girls were here:

Saskatoon pie, rhubarb strawberry pie

After they left and I dropped Emil off at Aylesbury House, the group home, this is what the kitchen table looked like when I got back around suppertime:

Picked up a burger and fries for Scott

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Cats are such fierce hunters! 

If only they would take direction ...  !

Okay, that was weirdly mesmerizing. 

I posted the link to a discussion list and a friend remarked that it didn't tickle his funny bone, which made me think about what it is I like so much about the video. It delights me with its goofiness. 

Have a great time!

I did: glittering, glorious lake; big deck overlooking water; good company; no pressures; perfect weather. Sigh ... I hope to do it every summer from now on. What has taken me so long to do this for myself?