Monday, March 28, 2011

Seventy Today

Mom, with needle and thread

Hard to believe that Mom would have turned 70 today.
In this photo she's wearing some blouse I picked up at a garage sale for her. I realize now that she probably only put it on because I was coming over; normally she didn't wear large patterns or bold colours.
I'm still feeling like shit after two days without eating or being able to keep even water down till late last night, when a few crackers stayed the course. Today I'm on the mend, about to try some poached eggs and hoping my head will unfuzz. Has to; I'm getting right tired of this.
With luck, I'll put in my usual working day and then dig out my copy of Chicago, a favourite of Mom's, or Delovely, the last film we watched together, and imagine she's with me for the annual viewing.