Monday, December 31, 2012

Another Exciting NY's Eve at GG Farm

I purchased a vacuum robot; its test run is in the master bedroom.

Emil can relax; he's been saying all day, "I'm glad you're back to normal, Mom."

And so I am! Almost. Close enough to be singing and dancing around the house and celebrating the fact that oh my goodness, when your body feels right, it is great to be alive. I feel fabulous! (Is it possible I needed all that sleep?)

This is what he's been saying to me during my down days:

"Mom. Are you ever going to get dressed again?"


"Mom. I can't wait till you're better so you can keep me company."

I haven't been the best companion today, because I've been slogging away at my desk here in the office, trying to rack up work hours I wasn't able to tackle while under the weather. We can be thankful he was here because, without him, our kitchen counters would be a filthy bacteria soup. He's done all the dishes by himself the whole time I was down, and if you know Emil, you might guess that each round of dishwashing took him a much longer chunk of time than it would have taken you or me.

I didn't manage to get in all the work hours I hoped today, but to hell with it. It's New Year's Eve, it's 9 at night, and money isn't everything.

Here comes 2013 ....

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