Thursday, October 1, 2015

And It's October

Feverfew is an herb touted to relieve migraines. Does it? I don't know. But a friend in B.C. gave me a handful of seeds from her plant some 10 years ago and I tossed them into the garden. They flower and reseed every year, and I pick and chew on a few leaves every day in the summer. They have a bitter taste but it does grow on you.

Here (above) a shasta daisy is encroaching in the middle and I may end up pulling it out, as daisies are so ubiquitous and may choke out other things, but I have a hard time doing it. Too softhearted? Too greedy for more daisies? Because it was a small field of daisies that turned me onto flower gardening in the first place, and yet I've never had a field of them myself and I still want one.

Next year I will let the daisies go where they want ... .
Next year things will be planted differently yet again ...

Finally there has been a hard enough frost that I won't feel bad about pulling out some annuals and cutting down the perennials. Maybe. If it's a nice weekend. Fairweather gardener, that's me! Flowers were still blooming till now, and bees were still sipping their nectar, so I couldn't reduce their food supply. Also, I can't -- just can't -- chop down a blooming plant.

In the ditch

I've just mailed out my 5 Things NEWSLETTER and am listening to the beautiful voices at the end of a link that was included. I don't want to get up from this chair and go to work! Really need to fix myself up with an iPod or something so I can listen to music at work without imposing on others. Meanwhile these new glasses are still making onscreen reading as well as book-on-lap reading a pain in the ass. But it's only been a week; three to go before I decide whether to keep these or go back to plain and simple lenses.