Monday, October 3, 2016

One of These Days . . .

We can be slow to get around to doing things around here.

We bought the house in 2009 and the well water reeked and wasn't potable. We had a new well dug several years later and it too stunk of sulphur and iron; some mornings before getting out of bed, I'd think Scott was cooking eggs (rotten ones), when he was only lying in the bathtub. We meant to get the water tested for drinking, but continued to haul jugs from town.

Then he started researching water treatment systems. We had a salesman out. Scott looked around online. We talked to other people with water issues. A purchasing decision never got made. We still haven't been cooking with or drinking the water that comes from our kitchen tap. The bathtub, sink and toilet were so iron-encrusted and the water smelled so offensive that guests, though they never said so, avoided bathing. I never had to use any product in my hair to get volume or hold; whatever was in our water did the trick. Light-coloured clothing, bedding or towels couldn't be washed here, as unsightly iron stains would ensue. A dishwasher would only have been clogged up, had we bought one, and my glass dishes would have been ruined.

Then this summer Scott treated the well with hydrogen peroxide or something, and like overnight magic we now have clear, lively water with no smell. Today, finally, I took a sample and mailed it to Regina for testing. What a treat it would be just to drink water from the tap! We haven't been able to do that for 14 years, as the house we lived in previously on the farm also didn't have potable water. Our fingers are crossed that the results come back with the news we're hoping for.

I also finally got around to burning some paperwork that never made it to a shredding machine. It's a perfect day for a fire, damp and rainy.

Several journals from the 1970s are in this pile. Goodbye to the past; I'll keep it in memory.