Sunday, June 7, 2015

There are Guide Dogs for the Blind, and Sniffer Dogs for Diabetes

When you have sleep apnea, as Scott does, it is not healthy to sleep without your C-pap machine, as your blood oxygen can get low. However if you are like Scott, you fall asleep quickly and easily, lying on the couch or even sitting up.

I have become accustomed to that, but had also arrived at a point where waking him up had gotten to be a pain in the ass. I might be snarled at; I was often ignored. I thought, to hell with you then; you know better than to put yourself in front of the TV where you are sure to fall asleep. It's really up to you to take responsibility for your own health.

That didn't last long. He'd be lying there snoring, and I could almost hear the brain cells dying from lack of oxygen. I redoubled my efforts, getting on Scott's case every single time I noticed he'd fallen asleep (and sometimes, he claims, when he hasn't). I'm not always in the room, though; sometimes I'm here in the office, or I'm reading in bed, or I'm outside, or not home.

But donchaknow, our doggy friend Ducky Doodle has decided to help. He has figured out that Scott must not sleep on the couch, and jumps onto his chest to wake him up as soon as he hears the telltale breathing of sleep. If he's already snuggled up with Scott, he'll get up and put his nose into Scott's face. What a great help he is! Smart little fellow.

Scott's at war with the dandelions.