Thursday, February 21, 2013

Moose Visit

I've got a moose in my back yard, doo dah, doo dah!

We're in the deep freeze again, so softhearted Scottie let the fat hairy old dog spend the night in the porch. Which means she wasn't barking at everything that moved. Which resulted in: this morning before leaving the house for the first time Scott pointed out moose tracks leading right into the flower bed in the front yard. When he came back, it was to tell me to look out a back window, as a moose was lying on the other side of the dugout, chewing its cud.

It lay there until a magpie landed on its back. After a few swipes with the big nose didn't discourage the bird, the moose got up and stood watching the house for a few minutes (how patient they are!) before reaching up to nibble on twigs and branches.

The deer, too, are hungry enough to come right into the yard. Scott said he'd like to put a bale out for them although there aren't really extra bales aside from what's needed for the cattle. Not long after, he came in and told me he'd put one out by the barn for them.

I like a softhearted man best of all.