Saturday, April 6, 2013

Who Doesn't Love a Saturday?

For those who know Joanne, we have had an email from her today. (See the link under Pages.) I only had a few minutes with her on Thursday because the hours sitting jawing with Jolene had flown by, and when I thought I still had all the time in the world, Scott was phoning: "Meet me at the front door!"

As it was I lingered as long as I could get away with (not long enough,  Joanne) and met him on his way into the building to track me down.

Yes Jolene is doing great. She was just finishing a physio session in a walker when I arrived, and deigned to do it again so I could see. We had a nice afternoon together, or I did anyway. She was in pain sometimes but you could hardly tell. I probably shouldn't have stayed so long and maybe tired her out.

Emil is here. He is on a restricted diet now, since the naturopath did a live blood analysis and believes Emil has an overgrowth of yeast in his system. You know, that popular diagnosis these days. But we are giving it a try, since the alternative is living indefinitely with ears that feel plugged. So tonight's meal was romaine lettuce with a sprinkling of salt and pepper (which Emil announced was good), boiled carrots, and wild rice from the lakes of northern Saskatchewan with a few dabs of butter. This menu would never satisfy Scott as it has no dead animal in it, but he went to Kelvington to eat with his grandma, so everybody's happy.

Dessert will be made later: popcorn. We do love us some popcorn 'round here.
First glimpses of green
Walking north toward home this afternoon. I know it's really spring because I could do this without my ski pants.