Monday, July 15, 2013

Karen & Everett

Everett with his Auntie Karen

We thought Everett looked like an Amish man, or maybe a Hutterite, with his whiskers-under-chin look. When Bev was here, we tried describing the way Hutterite men dress and how the colony lives (do we know what we are talking about? not really). Everett thought we were pulling his leg.

At the farmers' market on Saturday, Karen pulled up some photos on her iPhone to prove we were not.

Are we really such bullshitters that we'd've been lying to the lad about this?

Apparently so.

The market was slow again, but I sold much of what I took, and afterward made some excellent trades with Karen, who brought bread and buns.

This week I added lemon honey to my wares, thinking ohmygoditwillneversellatthisprice! But it did, and well enough to surprise me.

Every week I learn something new about marketing and presentation. As you can see, we have a long way to go before this table will be irresistible.

This week's lesson: don't pile your cardboard boxes where they are visible.

It was a tough week as far as productivity went. By the time the broken glass in the candy thermometer was discovered, I wasn't sure when it had happened. Two batches of butterscotch fudge and a batch of almond rocha had to be thrown in the garbage because of course no risk can be taken with glass. From now on I'm not even going to use a breakable candy thermometer; maybe no thermometer at all.

Also, has anyone heard what we are to do with thermometers destined for the garbage? Surely anything containing mercury can't go to the dump, just as prescription drugs and leftover paint are not to.


In our area there is a weather warning for this afternoon: thunderstorms, lightning, rain, tornado.
Wonder if the plant pots should be taken from the deck and set on the ground.
Big winds in summers past have blown over well-established giant evergreens behind the house and lifted heavy Adirondack chairs right off the back step.
Even more likely is that the power may go out, and I won't be able to work on the computer this afternoon.
So goodbye for now!
On to ...
Chapter One of Uncle Carl's memoir, working title: Random Thoughts from a Rocking Chair.