Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fifty Reasons We Love Karen

My little sister just turned 50, and I put out a call for her friends and family to send me their reasons for loving her. It's been suggested that she post them so they can all see what each other added, but that would be a strenuous task for Karen, who doesn't read and write. (Heh! I mean, WON'T read and write!)

Here you go:

1. She reminds me of your mom. (Gord)

2. Her whole body shakes when she giggles, tee hee hee. (Danielle)

3. She’s an animal lover; whether it be dogs, cats, rodents, snakes, owls or Richard. (Danielle)

4. I love Karen because she is the daughter of my all-time best friend, Grace. She was a natural-born animal lover and continues to be. One year we had a snow in May, and she looked out the window and said, "Boy, that was a short summer!" (Joanne Bohl)

5. Her beautiful singing voice. (Damon)

6. Her amazing pierogi as well as pretty much everything she cooks. (Damon)

7. Her smile, which is always warm and infectious. (Damon)

8. Her overall happy demeanor. (Damon)

9. Those crazy little glass figurines that multiply and are in danger of overtaking the house. (Damon)

10. I remember Karen cutting patterns out of Grandma Benson's kitchen curtains. Grandma had plastic drapes in her front room (very common in the day!) but Karen did not choose to cut those; she sat at the kitchen table with a pair of scissors and cut the little patterns out of fabric ones.  (Joanne)

11. Karen gives freely and without end. (Vickie)

12. Her shining smile lights even the dimmest of moods and always challenges a grin. She is one of my best lifelong friends and I will cherish that always.  Unconditionally I will love her forever and am proud to call her my friend. Cheers to you on your birthday Karen, you just keep getting better! (Vickie)

13. Hey Karen, turning 50 is well.... turning 50 and that’s it!! Just another day!       with a few more grey hairs! You are a great person and have been a great friend all those years to me. (Barb Barteski)

14. I adore Karen because she has been a fantastic friend while I was far away from my family and she is one of the reasons why I think so highly about Canadian people in general. She is one of the reasons why my stay in Canada has been an unforgetable experience which I cherish all my life. She has made a difference in my life. (Eric Oord)

15. The last time I saw her (probably at a curling game or something in Margo), she had the time to chat and always has a smile on her face. She enjoys friends, community and loves her family! What more can a person say! (Kathy Daviduk)

16. Karen is someone who will be your friend forever. You know how it is-- you grow up and you really don't talk anymore. With Karen it doesn't matter how long ago you talked, nothing changes. What I mean is I feel just as comfortable around her now as I did years ago. She'll always be a very dear friend. (Annella Domeij)

17. I love the way Karen tells the pig joke especially after she has had a couple of drinks, and Darcy loves Karen's buns. (Brendalynn Wallen)

18. The thing I think of when I think of Karen is her smile. I don't think I have ever seen her without a smile on her face. Maybe she just likes me and I make her smile, but I somehow don't think that is what it is - haha. (Cheryl Eskra)

19. I could tell you a lot of reasons why we love Karen but I’m sure they are reasons that you already know! Karen is a wonderful person. I will give you my perspective of Karen as I see her at work, and the joy she brings to the residents when she is there. She puts her heart into her job and it shows.       Karen is a very caring and giving person; she tries to do whatever is necessary to make the residents happy. I enjoy working with her as a fellow staff member. She is not only a fellow co-worker but Karen is also my friend, and I am very happy about that. Karen is a gem, stunning and beautiful, inside and out! (Denise Redman)

20. Where to start! I remember Karen French-braided my hair for all the school and church events until she got too old and Joan took over. I also loved babysitting for Karen during the summer and going to all the James Gang ball tournaments. I love my cousin Karen and have also been told I look a lot like her! (Karla)

21. I love Karen because she’s got one hell of an arm and her aim isn’t bad either. (Cameron)

22. Karen has/had a kick-ass throw to second base from home plate. (Dawn Wallin)

23. She's got the best wit of most people I know —when she lets herself loose and throws a few daggers. (Dawn)

24. She's the most reliably fun person to make music with EVER! hehehe. (Dawn)

25. Oh yeah…and she only ever phones me when she wants something...LOL.     (Dawn)

26. I love Karen ’cuz she’s voluptuous and cuddly. (Gary)

27. I love her dimples. (Gary)

28. She is a fantastic cook. (Joan)

29. She is never depressed. (Gary)

30. She’s always got time for me. (Gary)

31. She thinks she’s a good singer! (Gary)

32. She would adopt any of my pets that needed a home. (Joan)

33. She wouldn’t be scared to get mice out of her washing machine, like Gary is. (Joan)

34. I love her because she dotes on my children. (Joan)

35. I love Auntie Karen because she has a farm. (Jordan)

36. She is nice. (Jordan)

37. She’s the best companion, up for anything, willing to try new things. (Joan)

38. She “gets” my dry humour and laughs at my wisecracks. (Kathy)

39. She is the most loyal friend a person could have and can be trusted with any secret. (Kathy)

40. She’s lovable and gives great hugs. (Uncle Carl)

41. We love her music and her smile. (Aunt Reta)

42. We have fond memories of her visit with Cameron to the States: she liked the antebellum homes, and the French quarter, and the pecan pie. (Reta)

43. She is as kindhearted as they come. (Kathy)

44. Everything she does, she does well. (Reta)

45. She is the mother-in-law from heaven. (Michelle)

46. She has a strong work ethic. (Michelle)

47. She is community-minded and will do whatever she can to keep her
      little town going. (Michelle)

48. She is generous and has given me tons of Princess House. (Michelle)

49. She is a forgiving mother, thank goodness. (Marc)

50. She is ridiculously modest and self-effacing, not realizing how sweet she is and how pretty, nor how special she is and why so many of us love her for so many more reasons than we can manage to put into words. (Kathy)

Of course, there are many of your friends and relatives, Karen, whose reasons for loving and admiring you are not included here. Take this list and multiply it by 100, and maybe you’ll begin to understand how special a place you occupy in the hearts of many. You are one of a kind and your presence in it makes the world a little bit better for all of us.

If I had to pick just one person to be in my corner, I’d pick you.


Our sister Joan has added a few more to the list, on her blog: