Saturday, July 16, 2016

Staycation Begins

It's been a perfect day so far. The kind where I sit on the step with my morning coffee and listen to the birds and Scott even joins me for a while before he goes to check cattle. The kind where I roam the front yard in my housecoat and pull grass from the dianthus, and notice the light pink hollyhocks have begun to bloom along with the red ones and so have the volunteer poppies. It's the kind of day that's hot when it's hot and cool when it's not, and I come in and out of the house as the sun and clouds take turns in the sky. 

Slightly marring the perfection is what comes into the house with me after I've walked through the wild licorice patch growing in our grassy south entryway: a wood tick. Farta! I thought their season was over!

I haven't done dishes since Reta and Carl left in the middle of the week, and I know I "should" but am not prepared to tie myself down to the indoors even for the half-hour it might require. In the evenings after work, after dark I've been tired and lazy and let the dishes pile up. It's been all I can do to stack them and wipe the counters. We need a maid.

Reta and Carl are staying with other relatives and will be back before they head for Arizona, but my immediate family members have made or are on their way home: Dad to Kelowna via St. Albert, Joan and family to Kelowna, Cameron to St. Albert where Dad stopped to see him today. My brother spent a night here and I sent him home with eight loaves of bread; that should keep him for a while. 

Wild animals I have seen: this young feller. Scott says he has the beginnings of horns.

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Lori has left a new comment on your post "Off to the Office": 
I'm at our timeshare on a mountain in Vermont, hiding from Trump. Your flowers are as esquisite as any here. Beautiful. Thanks. 

Now that's saying something! I imagine the flower life down there is quite fantastic.

Secret Agent Woman has left a new comment on your post "Where've I Been": 
We've had near-daily storms here. In between, it's in the 90's and steamy. But it's not winter, so I'm good. 

Ooh, nineties ... too hot for me. Give me a storm any day. Maybe even winter. I'm not kidding.

Secret Agent Woman has left a new comment on your post "Off to the Office": 
Home is always best.
Your perennial bed looks fantastic. Mine is working its way there but has filling-in to do. 

This one is almost too full now; hard to walk in for weeding and deadheading. I keep considering making more flowerbeds, and reminding myself that what I have is what I barely have time for already; i.e. Be Realistic, Darn It.

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