Friday, September 12, 2014

Oh My Aches and Pains Boo Hoo

Super shitty day and night yesterday, coughing and choking and blowing nose; then a migraine came on. When I dragged myself home after work it was to take a pill and go straight to bed and stay there all night except for a short time up to eat a scrambled egg Scott made for me. Thank goodness I no longer have kids to look after, as I can barely take care of myself. 
Woke up in the middle of the night soaking wet, had to get up and change my shirt. Must've had a fever. Better this morning but neck still bothering and voice still very deep.
At least I had no problem sleeping, which as far as I am concerned is the best escape from discomfort that there is.
I'd crawl back into bed this morning, too, if I could, in spite of having been up long enough to have a bath and make a pot of coffee. But all hands are needed at the newspaper as it's production day and there is a press deadline to meet. I'll look forward to a date with my pillow later.

Someone posted this on FB and I have sent it to many of my ambitious and crafty friends for inspiration: