Thursday, June 30, 2011

Olfactory Bliss

To step out onto our little deck is to be overwhelmed by the scent of a lilac tree in bloom next to the house. I brought a few sprigs into the bedroom, only to be informed that Scott doesn't like the smell of this particular lilac ... that I adore.

In the yard there are two long rows of lilacs, a different kind, and their blossoms are beginning to fall. It smells like heaven around here.

And yes, I did remove the vase of lilacs. Now I just stand out there and breathe deeply, enjoying it while I still can.


House still hot this morning; I awoke to all the windows open, and the calling of birds. Lovely lovely lovely. What luxury.
Then, at the kitchen counter for coffee, I met up with big black ants. Mixed up Borax and icing sugar and dumped it in a pile where they are coming in, which is from a hole under the bottom corner where the counter meets the wall. They are digging around in it quite a bit; there are a half-dozen of them, probably more. We have set out the same bait outside the house, where ants are swarming on the wall at one corner. I feel badly, knowing they will die soon and so will all their little friends.


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