Friday, February 10, 2012

Thirty Below = a Balmy -22F

Brekky, complete with vities

A hearty oatmeal breakfast with black coffee should fuel me up for a walk in this weather. Right?
(By the way, that's whole flax in the oatmeal, not ants; but it could be ants if I had the nerve to eat insects, because I'm catch-and-releasing about two off the kitchen counter every day. And feeling guilty about throwing them outside to freeze; but squishing them is something I can't do, it would give me the heebie-jeebies. Out they go, after being caught under an overturned glass, with a postcard slid under the opening, because what else am I gonna do, let 'em run riot in the house for the rest of the winter?)

Just sitting down to work for the afternoon, but here's a photo my sister Karen sent moments ago, taken from her kitchen window:

Click to enlarge. Great horned owl?

She doesn't dare let either of her two little Yorkies outside to do their business!