Sunday, April 21, 2013

Event at Margo Hall

My sister Karen, left, with Heather at Margo Hall on Friday night
Karen had given me (belated birthday) tickets to the church fundraising event she and friends had organized, so off we went to Margo. The hall was packed and we had a table right at the front.

I had wisely declined Karen and Heather's invitation to sing with them. They sounded great; certainly didn't need me up there. I would've enjoyed the practising, but that is all. As it turned out the hired entertainer, a comic/magician, called me onstage to help with a trick, so I got to be self-conscious and embarrassed anyway. Lesson Learned: Always Sit at the Back of the Hall.

I enjoyed seeing all the Margo faces there, though we were squeezed in so tight I didn't get much actual visiting done. Nevertheless the gals served up a fine meal and since Scott bought a shitload of tickets when we came in the door, we came home with a potted calla lily and a Roughriders T-shirt. And a long-stemmed yellow rose given to me by the magician as I left the stage. Yellow roses always remind me of Mom, now, because someone gave a plant to her when she was sick and she often commented appreciatively on the sweet scent of its blooms.

Both Scott and I were fighting off head colds so we didn't have a drink all evening, which turned out to be lucky because the police stopped us just before we turned off the highway onto the Kylemore grid. From behind, the officer had noticed our vehicle swerve to the right when Scott drove into the turning lane, so I guess he thought it was a drunk driver. God knows there are far too many of those around here. People are still stupid enough to drink and drive.

It was past midnight when we got home and I've been blowing my nose and lying about, ever since. Have had far worse colds than this, it's true, but still yesterday was a wasted day and today doesn't look much more promising. Not sure yet whether I'll get out of my pyjamas.

Just three more days of work for the encyclopedia, and I am looking forward to the change and wishing it was done already.