Sunday, December 12, 2010

From 51 to 200 in Three Seconds

On Friday I bent over to pet Ducky as I passed him in the kitchen, and my lower back “went out.” Well, it did something that felt like it cracked horizontally. I could barely straighten up, it was painful to walk to the bed, and not easy to lie down or get up again, either. How quickly we go from being lithe and flexible to being achey and moving like a 200-year-old.

 I wasn’t able to sit here at the desk, so Everett let me borrow his laptop and take it to bed with me. I spent much of the day tucked in under the quilts; it was a lovely way to spend time at the computer, actually, quite comfortable, although the laptop doesn’t have Microsoft Word so I couldn’t work. I caught up with all my favourite blogs instead. I made up for that today; worked this afternoon, and also did the usual extra hour that I put in every weekend so that I can take time off when it suits me, and be paid for it.

Back’s still a bit stiff but getting better. At least it doesn't hurt anymore.


Everett has posted a new video on his page. Click here to see it.