Thursday, August 6, 2009

Job Well Done

Cameron's rig.

He left yesterday morning after helping the men carry the new picture window from the shed to the house. At the end of the day, five fellows stood on the lawn with beer in their hands, admiring the "job well done." All the new windows in, the new shingles, soffits, insulation and housewrap will make the house snug as can be.

Now, what will we do for the exterior? Aside from adding the essential eavestroughing, we'd like stucco, but that's costly, like $10,000. Might be worth it in the long run because there's no repainting needed over the years, but still: 10,000 smackeroos is not easy to come up with when there are so many other bills to pay and repairs that need to be done soon (new plumbing; roof repairs to all the outbuildings including the barn; Scott's got the full list in his head. No wonder he can't sleep nights. Why did he insist on purchasing new living room furniture right now, when we have a perfectly good set? Perhaps he's been suffering from severe recliner-lack and wasn't thinking straight). Good quality wood siding is less expensive, though not cheap, but still needs repainting at intervals and woodpeckers are always drilling holes into it. Scott doesn't like vinyl siding, though it's a more affordable option, doesn't need repainting and comes in a great variety of colours. As a construction guy, he's got issues with it not holding up well or something. He could do the stucco himself to reduce the cost, but hasn't done it for a long time and then only once, so doesn't think that's the best option.

For now, he and his little crew are off to work at other jobs after more than two weeks concentrating on our own little project. And I can have the yard to myself again and wear skimpy clothing in the garden when the sun shines, woo hoo!