Friday, August 24, 2012

The Last Weekend in August

Calendula petals are used to make face cream; not that I've made any.

Readers of Joanne's letters from Out Margo Way are wondering where her entries are. She's gone AWOL!

I saw her the other day when Scott needed a ride to Canora for a chiropractic treatment. He limped up the clinic sidewalk and I went and found Joanne's room in the hospital. Her laptop hasn't been working there and I haven't received entries she's sent via smartphone. 

She was getting packed up for a move to the community lodge. 
So, with luck, technology will work for her over there and we'll soon be updated on "the life of Jo Bo."

Back here at Golden Grain Farm, it's cooler indoors than out. You have to go outside to warm up. The sky's turning a weird smoky colour and rain is forecast. 

Emil decided to stay at the group home this weekend ("I think I'll watch my Such-and-Such video. There's no point in keeping them if I'm not going to watch them!"). Scott's got a couple social functions lined up for the weekend, and I'm leaning toward taking a little jaunt northward to a new restaurant for supper.