Thursday, April 26, 2012

Other Places to Read

Out behind the chicken coop sits this old thing, probably an apartment for mice now.

I have gathered some links that might be of interest:

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Me contains some stunning photographs

Classic Shipwreck Songs, by Gary Cristall on the Canadian Encyclopedia blog; contains a 5-minute audio recording of Leadbelly

“When Edith Wharton—then Edith Jones—was a little girl, her favorite game was called “making up.” “Making up” involved pacing around with an open book and (before she could read) inventing and then later half reading, half inventing stories about real people, narratives that she would chant very loud and very fast. The constant pacing and shouting were important parts of the game, which (according to Wharton’s memoir, A Backward Glance) had an enraptured, trance-like, slightly erotic aspect. Her parents spied on her, and it made them nervous.” 

Making up Edith Warton, by Francine Prose in The New York Review of Books

And that's that for that! 
I will be slaving hard indoors for most of the day, trying to meet a deadline.