Sunday, March 6, 2016

Geese are Back

"Honk! Honk Honk Honk!"

I wasn't quick enough to get the camera out of my jacket pocket, unzip its padded bag, turn it on and focus it before they'd flown past, but I was quick enough to count 'em: 10 Canada geese, heading northwest!

Ooh, the excitement. The pleasure of the sight. The thrill of the sound.  Woo hoo!

A gorgeous day for a walk and, apparently, for a flight.

Looks like it's going to be another sunny, sparkly, shiny day, the kind where one wishes there was something to do out there besides walk, because you simply don't want to come indoors. Maybe I'll build a bonfire in the front yard.

It was warm enough yesterday that I thought maybe I could wash Little Green when I went to town to ferry Emil from his place to Everett's for the night. All I had to do was remember to take a fistful of loonies and toonies. But the road was slippery with mud so it would have been wasted effort, and Little Green remains a mudpie.

That's the case whether the roads are dry or wet. If it's not mud, it's dust that will stick to the car even when it's totally dry. Why wash it? The very next day you're right back where you started from. Is there a product that repels dust from clean auto exteriors?

Please note, if you are using the homemade toothpaste recipe that I posted on my Stubblejumpers Café recipe collection site, that I have updated it: CLICK HERE.