Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tales from the Lagoon

the lagoon

You've been regaled with horror stories about the overflowing lagoon ever since we moved into Golden Grain Farm.
Even now, in freezing weather, it flows over the high-level mark and has to be pumped out every other day. This is because the groundwater level is so high that it fills in under the ice. Something like that.
I don't have to deal with it on a daily basis, but I have the pleasure of sharing someone else's disgust and frustration with the situation.
Fortunately he is accustomed to going out in rain, snow, hail or sleet even if he's got pneumonia and a fever and it's 30-below. Why? Because he raises cattle and has no choice. You can't let your cattle go hungry or thirsty for a day, so out you go, even if it kills you.
You may make it back to the house barely alive, and you may end up in the hospital, but you do what you have to do until then. At that point, I guess you call in the neighbours.


I'm going to worry about our friends who are in Mexico, until they get back on Friday.
Have you seen this site? It was created by a woman whose son drowned while staying at a Mexican resort.