Tuesday, November 15, 2016


I like to think I’m not vindictive. I wouldn’t deliberately hurt another person to punish them or make my point. I see grudges held and figure that is a shame and thank goodness I’m more forgiving.
But is it true? Or do I, too, hold onto my anger?
People rarely do me a bad turn, so my evil traits don't frequently present themselves. But when they do? I can be a grim miserable cuss, and can continue hissing and spitting long enough to surprise myself.
Sure I may be civil, but will cross the street to avoid an irritant.

We are advised to imagine the “wrongdoer” as a small child, lonely, frightened and crying. This is to soften our anger, awaken our empathy. “Anything that isn’t an expression of love is a cry for help,” it is said. It's best for us, we're told, if we meet assholes with our compassion rather than bitterness or contempt.

When you're pissed off, though, it's difficult to bring yourself to do this visualization. Anyone else stubborn this way?

When anger fuels change, I tell myself, it's best to acknowledge it. Respect it. Be willing to let it go, and figure out how. Then do it.

The rural municipality came out and installed a culvert under our south driveway. 
Looks like a hand shovel had to be used. 
We're hoping this will help get some of the water away from our property, as flooded-out trees have been dying for several years.