Friday, May 14, 2010

Winkn Blinkn n Nod

"The boys are happy."

Three bulls were taken out of wet corrals (or wherever they were) and put onto the grass in our pasture.

I walk out to the fence every day and lean over it, tell them how handsome they are, and pretty much get ignored.

I don't go over the fence when they're in there, except to take this photo; and there's an electric fence inside the other fence, so I kid myself that it is any protection if I get behind it fast. It's not; a pissed-off animal this size would walk right through it. Same with the permanent fence I suppose, as far as that goes. Anyway, I'm nervous around these big beasts, but am told they're more scared of me than the other way around. Good, but I don't care.

So we're wary of each other.